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Hi! I’m Alexa, a former Teacher, SAHM of 3 beautiful children (ages 6,3,and 1 ) , devoted wife, and follower of God Almighty. My hope in starting this blog was to share my experiences and growth as a Christian Mom, encourage other Moms on a similar path to enhance their spiritual development, cultivate a sound mind and heart in motherhood, and improve our home lives for our families, as well as support one another on these unique journeys we’re so blessed to be a part of.


My life took a drastic turn after I lost my Mom to cancer right before getting married and having kids. It broke my heart and I will always feel like a piece of me is missing. A whole in my heart . But, even with that emotional roller coaster, God knew what my heart needed to get through to the other side. I have always had a deep love for the Lord my whole life and knew I wanted to be married and raise a family. He blessed me with what I had been praying for for so long. It was then that my passion for the Lord increased exponentially. He was there for me when I needed Him most.

I am passionate about developing my faith, doing my best to raise Godly children, and have a healthy home environment for my family. I quickly realized that raising kids in this crazy world was not as easy as my Mom and Aunt B. had made it out to be. As challenging as it has been; and will continue to be I know; I feel so much more confident that I can do it all while leaning on God.  Anyway that I can use His guidance and wisdom to motivate other Moms I will be grateful to be of service and inspire others along the way.

John 8:31-32

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~Light in the Bible symbolizes God’s truth~

Let’s join together as we seek his true light to find our way, strengthen our hearts, and inspire our souls for His glory and to be the best version of ourselves he has truly destined us to be. 

I plan on sharing my blogging journey as well so stay tuned…

Thank you for joining me!